FAQ: Travel Insurance

Can individuals on a family policy travel separately?
The parent/s or guardian/s can travel separately on this policy. In the event that one of the children/dependants wishes to travel separately from their parents Getcover & Company must be informed of the travel arrangements in order for cover to apply.
Are trips within my country of residence covered?
On the Annual Multi-trip policy, travel within your country of residence (Ireland and UK only) is covered provided you have 2 or more nights pre-booked accommodation (i.e. in a hotel etc) and you travel more than 50 miles from your home.
How come skiing is not mentioned in Hazardous Activities cover?
Guided cross country skiing, heli-skiing, mono skiing, off-piste skiing or snowboarding, recreational racing, ski-blading, skiing, snow-boarding and snow sledging are all included in the Winter sports option on single trip, annual multi-trip and ski single trip options.
Is my medical condition covered?
Please note, unlike most travel insurance policies, your Getcover.ie policy covers some pre-existing and existing medical conditions automatically. Click on the Accepted Medical Conditions link to see a list of the accepted medical conditions. Should your medical condition not be in this list or if you have a combination of two or more of these conditions you may be able to get additional cover by calling our medical screening team on 0818 211 812.
I want to buy travel insurance but have a pre-existing medical condition. What do I do?
I want to buy travel insurance but have a pre-existing medical condition. What do I do?
I’m going to Australia for a year but have not sought Hazardous Activity cover. What if I decide I want to do a bungee jump – am I covered?
The policy covers you automatically for a number of acceptable sports and leisure activities, as detailed on page 4 of the policy wording. You are covered to bungee jump up to 3 times, as well as being covered for a number of other activities such as scuba diving up to 30 metres. If you are taking part in any additional activities than those listed under the acceptable sports and leisure activities section then a premium loading may apply.
I am trying to get a quote for myself and my spouse. Is the price quoted for each of us individually or both of us together?
The quote given is directly related to the information you entered. Therefore, if you entered details for yourself and your spouse, then the quote is for both of you together.

In addition, some foreign medical providers may wish to see documentation before they will agree to treat you.
I am 17 now but will be 18 at the time my trip commences. What age should I enter when purchasing policy?
You should enter your age at the time of buying the cover.