Asian Insurance Assumptions for Motor Quotations

Our Assumptions

Various assumptions are made in relation to this quotation. In particular, certain assumptions are made in relation to” Your Insurance History”. Please read these assumptions carefully before proceeding. 

Please note that if you provide false information or fail to disclose information regarding previous claims or uninsured damage to your property that this will invalidate your policy and your policy will be declared void and have no effect from commencement. 

The assumptions and information you provide are on the basis of the contract between you and Asian Insurance, so you must agree to them, and our data protection statement and conditions before completing your details.


About your quote

Your Quote is based on certain assumptions we make about your driving history, your insurance history and the type of car you drive. These assumptions, and the information you provide, are the basis of the contract between you and, so you must agree to them, our data protection statement and our terms and conditions before completing your quote.


Our Assumptions

In offering you an online car insurance quote, we assume the following:

You (and your named drivers):

  • Have never been disqualified from driving
  • Have never had any endorsement on your licence
  • Have had no claims made against you in the last three years, nor been involved in any accident or loss
  • Have not been convicted of any offences of any nature, or have any now pending
  • Have no more than four penalty points on your current licence
  • Have no disability or medical condition that impairs your ability to drive
  • Have not been refused insurance (or renewal of a policy) by any insurer
  • Have had no special terms and conditions imposed on you by any insurer


Your Insurance History

You have a No Claims Discount earned within the last two years in your own name or if you have never held insurance in your own name and hold a Full E.U. licence are entitled to an introductory No Claims discount for driving experience earned as a named driver.

This No Claims Discount was earned on a car, not a moped or motorcycle

This No Claims Discount is not in use on any other active policy (you earn the no-claims discount on each car separately if you insure more than one car and the same No Claim discount cannot be in use at the same time on more than one policy).


If You are on a Provisional License

We assume:

  • You have applied for a driving test if you have earned less than 30% of a No Claims Discount in your own name
  • Your driving experience was earned in your own name on your provisional licence, rather than as a named driver


Your Car

  • Is valued at less than €100,000
  • Is used only for domestic, social and pleasure purposes (including commuting to and from work)
  • Is owned and mainly driven by you or your spouse/partner
  • Is registered in you or your spouse/partner’s name
  • Is normally parked at your home address
  • Is not a car vanette, kit car, sports car, convertible, GTI, VTEC or high performance vehicle
  • Is not converted, adapted or modified in any way

Note: 1 litre = 1,000cc


You’re Quote

  • Is based on the policy cover start date
  • Is valid for 30 days, once completed, unless you change your quote details

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